okay, applying for scholarships is garbage. they all need letters from community leaders? just general letters from adults saying you’re amazing at life? which sucks because i don’t volunteer or doing any of that shit. and i’ve been out of school for 2 years lol. FUCK IT ILL JUST PAY FOR SCHOOL MYSELF )”””’:

my other predicament is that i have too many interests. i’m all over the place and which means i’m not furthering any of them. i need to focus @__@ but on what.. my choices?

  • japanese. which i’ll be taking in uni so that will help 
  • taxidermy which i’ll hopefully be doing more of in the summmer? maybe?
  • running/strength god damn it i need to toughen this booddaayy
  • my car needs constant attention like a child
  • perhaps a social life? perhaps not..
  • then just general school. lol fuck